Digital Services Delivery Platform unifies all services into a single platform. The Digital Services Platform is based on marketplace concepts for virtually any service that can be digitally rendered, and currently, it supports

Digital Commerce

➢ Products & Catalogue Management
➢ Merchants Management
➢ Promotions Management
➢ Campaigns Management

IPTV & Video Streaming

➢ Over the Top Streaming
➢ Internet Protocol Television
➢ Hosting for IPTV Service Providers
➢ Scalable Cloud Servers

Digital Financial Services

➢ Cash-in
➢ OTC/Agents, Credit Card, Bank Account, ATM
➢ Cashout
➢ OTC/Agents, Bank account

Digital Payments

➢ Utility Bill Payments Services (UPBS)
➢ Online/E-Payments
➢ Point of Sale Payments
➢ Mobile (NFC Enabled ) PoS Payment

Digital Delivery

➢ Food Marketplace solution
➢ Restaurants Management
➢ Food products
➢Offers/Deals Management

Digital Recharge

➢ Electronic Recharge marketplace for Prepaid Services
➢ eLoad/eRecharge for Prepaid Services
➢ Bundles Subscription/Purchases

Digital Booking & Ticketing

➢Transport Booking & Ticketing Product
➢Movies Booking & Ticketing Product
➢Events Booking & Ticketing Product

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