Smart Fusion DFS is a comprehensive FinTech platform for Digital/Online/Branchless Banking that allows financial services providers to manage the financial services value-chain in an end-to-end fashion. Maintains centralized storage for products/services, customer data, allowing financial services to manage product information, personalize content and layout, and process online transactions and payments.

Digital Wallet

➢Fund Transfer
➢Bill Payments


➢Utility Bill Payments Services (UPBS)
➢Point of Sale Payments

Mobile Topups

➢ Electronic Recharge marketplace for Prepaid Services
➢ Telecom Prepaid Account Recharge or Topup
➢ Telecom Prepaid Bundles Subscription/Purchases

Agency Banking

➢ Complete Agency Management Solution
➢ Multi-Wallets /Banks Connect Middleware
➢ Agents Recruiting, Onboarding and KYC Management

Merchant Payments

➢ Merchants Recruiting, Onboarding, and KYM Management
➢ Merchants Management
➢ Financial Services

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SMART FUSION is a comprehensive solution that strengthens your entire mobile financial banking and ecosystem.