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Digital Services Delivery Platform unifies all services into a single platform. The Digital Services Platform is based on marketplace concepts for virtually any service that can be digitally rendered, and currently, it supports

Streaming server

➢ Adaptive streaming (Apple HLS)
➢ Automatic content preparation
➢ Secure access to content

Encoding Server

➢ Live Capture from IP and DVB
➢ Live Transcoding
➢ Adaptive Bitrate

Middleware & BSS

➢ Content management
➢ Channels Management
➢ Categories management

Mobile Application /STB

➢ Sign up & Sign in
➢ Home/Landing Screen/Dashboard
➢ Video Listing
➢ Video Search

Interactive Media Portal

➢ Sign up & Sign in
➢ Home/Landing Screen/Dashboard
➢ Video Listing
➢ Video Search

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